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Fire Your Dud Titles for Sizzlers That Get Your Articles Read, P1
There?s nothing worse to a marketer than clicking over and seeing the same 10-20 clicks you saw last week. You posted your short article in hopes you could generate a fresh stream of traffic to your site. O.k. so you got a few more views this week than last. But the truth is few of your articles pull very many readers even after months. The reader/view count rarely rises above 30-40 views. You know you have good solid information that would be helpful to people if you could just get them read. You might share the problem hundreds of article writers share?Dud Titles. You must develop a sizzling title to pull your audience in by the collar. You know like the newspapers and magazine headlines. They can?t afford to publish dud titles that don?t capture the interest of their readers. Yet among other marketers of books, products and services few seem to put much effort into crafting a magnetic title. It doesn?t have to be that way with you. Now is where you fire your Dud Titles and hire only Sizzlers. Here are a few tips to help you sizzle your title like a professional. 1. The Command. ?Write Your Best Book Now!? Most will say they don?t like being told what to do. But our human psyche seems to respond in spite of what we like. The command has an immediate effect. Why? It connects with the ?Yes, I want that? spot within us all. Commands reassure you that helpful advice will follow that help you get what you want from the advice. It tells the readers it?s possible to achieve the benefit the author is claiming. 2. The How to. ?How to Make Your Article Go the Extra Mile People love to learn with simple steps and fast. Combine it with a powerful benefit and you will reel your reader in every time. You decide. Does the title above, ?How to Make Your Articles Go the Extra Mile? or ?8 Ways to Format Your Article? 3. The Provocative Statement. ?5 Mistakes to Avoid That Drive Your Web Visitors Away In Less Than 2 Minutes? You mean my site could be driving my visitors away that fast. Especially, if you have been working hard to get site visitors you would want to know what would drive them away fast. Provocative statements pull at our attention like an electric shock. They make us curious. They sometimes make us mad. They make us feel a lot of different things but most of all they make us read. 4. The Question. ?Do You Want More Traffic, More Free Publicity, More Sales? Most times people unconsciously answer the question you pose in their minds. The key is to provide the answers in your copy including statistics. For example, ?Have you ever felt afraid to buy online? Like it or not, many are still cautious of buying on the web. A Boston Consulting Group Consumer Survey found that 70% of respondents worry about making purchases online.? Without an interesting title that stirs emotion, evokes interest or arouses curiosity your articles may go unread another year. Implement the title templates above to capture the interest of your visitors and get all of your articles read. Sizzle your titles; watch your reader counts rise and prosper! =================================