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Essay Writing Contest
Entering An Essay Writing Contest

An essay writing contest can be an interesting and informative exercise that teaches students the value of learning essay writing skills. A competitive contest is the ideal platform to exhibit creative writing, analytical, and research skills. Initially, students are introduced to essay contests in school. They learn to write creatively. Often the essay contests are on simple and general topics like “My School,” or “My Favorite Sport.” In time, students are exposed to advanced academic subjects. They compete by developing research skills. By following the standard norms of having an introduction, body, and conclusion, they learn to follow a standard method of writing essays. Developing a personal style of writing comes with practice. Writers would be able to recognize the level they are at in time. They should keep on improving their writing capabilities and establish a unique style of writing. It would enable them to compete in international essay writing contests.

There are contests that have been introduced by institutions across the globe. It has become quite common for high school and college students between the ages of 16 to 21 years to take part in such contests. Every year, nearly 1,100 students participate in the National Peace Essay Contest selected from several participants at the state and national level. Peace has become a very important issue globally. Understand the process of bring harmony and peace among the peoples of the world has to be understood by the youth. They would be leading the way in the future and would be involved in the administration of important issues. Institutes around the world have realized that they need to expose the youth the important issues at the high school and college levels to mold their thinking and make them aware of global concerns. For example, the United States has been playing the role of mediator and leader trying to resolve critical issues that left unattended would lead to strife and war.

The United States Institute of Peace has been organizing an essay contest for students concerning peace. The topic for 2010-2011 is “Governance, Corruption, and Conflict.” The topic is very relevant to our times where corruption has become the fastest way to riches. Those in power misuse their authority to siphon off government coffers by compromising on vital issues including development and peace. War is a costly affair, and brokers are ever present ready to sells weapons of mass destruction to the highest bidder. Some would go to any extent to win a bid for supplying weapons, which could involve millions of dollars changing hands. Students the world over have an opportunity to express their viewpoints on the topic.

The International Essay Competition organized by the World Bank is another example of a world entity involving the youth to express their viewpoints. In this case, the topic for 2010 was “Youth Unemployment.” It is very important that the youth be given a platform to highlight their concerns about employment opportunities and provide them scope to take up several new streams of study. By participating in debates and conferring with other students and experts, they have the opportunity to seek out new avenues. An essay writing contest can be the gateway to a great future.

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