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Poverty Essay
Poverty Essay
Showing Awareness Through A Poverty Essay

A poverty essay should effectively show awareness on the part of students about the plight of “poor” people around the world. Poverty is more of a stigma than anything else and can deprive individuals the right to live with dignity just because they cannot afford it. Most governments around the world believe that poverty should not exist in the modern age. With technology contributing so much to improving the lifestyle of people and showing how to reduce the time taken to complete the same amount of work, it may surprise some that poverty still exists. There are some critical areas where man has failed in his quest to be self sufficient.

The world population has risen, but the proportion of rise is not the same everywhere. For example, in countries like India and China, the population rate increases by over 2% every year, while a negative growth rate is recorded in European countries. The growth rate has directly contributed to the poverty existing in South East Asia. Governments are unable to provide basic amenities to the growing population. Some countries like India have been initiating population control programs with the hope of reducing population. A poverty essay can be written on the measures taken to spread industrialization across to smaller towns and villages thereby providing employment. This is another aspect which can also be highlighted in a job essay.

Individuals find themselves productive and are at peace with themselves when they are capable of earning a living. Money is an important ingredient which provides the basic amenities required to live a decent life. Unfortunately, not all people around the world have that opportunity. Some find travelling great distances to get to work impractical, while others are not qualified to get decent work. The level of education in Africa and Asia compared to European countries is absolutely pathetic. Low education standards lead to exploitation, which in turn leads to poverty. Let’s take the case of villagers. They would get basic education, but the level of education imparted would not be sufficient to improve their social situation. A social work essay would establish that the confidence level is so low among the downtrodden that education without mentorship or counseling would not be sufficient to get them out of poverty. They just refuse to believe that they could get basic amenities. It would take a long time before their mindset changes.

Globalization has led to many poor countries wishing they were not involved in it. Technologically-sound countries seek greener pastures in terms of expanding the economy and widening their scope of providing technology to other countries. The value of their currency puts them in a very comfortable position when it comes to dictating terms of international trade and commerce. Poorer countries have limitations within their infrastructure, which can take in development at a slow pace. A poverty essay can highlight the plight of poor people who are unable to adapt to the changes development brings in only because poverty prevents them from being able to afford those changes.

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