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School Uniform Essay
School Uniform Essay
Your School Uniform Essay

A school uniform essay provides a platform where students can present their views on school uniforms and other important aspects which concern them. Very often, administration committees in schools decide on dress code for their students. It may depend on various factors like affordability, social status, level of conservatism, personal and cultural identity. Traditionally, boys wear trousers while girls are allowed to wear skirts. The dress code changes from country to country. Some prefer sober dark trousers and skirts with matching light-colored tops. Others keep changing their dress code after a few years as a matter of routine. There are reasons for this. More often than not, the material is not available any more. Technology has enabled better clothing to replace older material. Schools have come up with novel ideas for suggestions on change of uniform. One such novel idea is getting suggestions from students themselves in the form of school uniform essays. Here are some suggestions they can consider including in their essays.

One of the oldest uniforms introduced in the UK included the short trousers and long blue jacket. It was adapted by Christís Hospital, a premier institution. The color blue was chosen as it was the cheapest dye available at the time. The same tradition should be followed when making a choice now. Students should think of colors that make affordable dyes. A practical point of view would be to prepare a list of all cheap color dyes and then suggest the appropriate ones based on its cost. Reasons should be clearly mentioned for choosing a particular color. A comparative chart with the various colors chosen against their respective costs would add more value to the suggestion.

Students must use their sense of design to choose the appropriate uniform. While writing a school uniform essay, they must mix-and-match colors using computer software or free sketch on paper until they arrive at the right combination. The purpose of the essay is to allow students to express themselves to the fullest.

Select several combinations and then indulge in a bit of merchandising. For example, on selection of several combinations for the uniform in terms of color and design, students must ensure they are available in the market. Merchandisers are professionals who buy and sell in the market. The research content for the essay could be generated in this fashion. It would also offer students an insight into how the clothing industry functions. If the designs or colors they chose are not available, they can choose from those available in the market and revise their sketch or computer design. Again, the reasons for changing the design should be mentioned in the essay.

Ask for suggestions from people who are experts. In case students find it difficult to write the essay without help, they can always approach online content providers who have experts on their roll to write on various topics. ParamountEssays.com is a leader in the field of academic writing. They would be able to provide competitive school uniform essays that would provide complete details as per the requirements of students.

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