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A Christmas Carol Essay
A Christmas Carol Essay
The Importance Of A Christmas Carol Essay

A Christmas Carol Essay, written by Charles Dickens, is the story of a miserly old man called Ebenezer Scrooge who changes for the better by the end of it. Life presents itself in different ways. It is left to us to adapt the right path. Age is never a hindrance to mend our ways. This is depicted very well by Charles Dickens in the story. Scrooge is paid a visit by the ghost of his previous working partner, Jacob Marley, and asked to mend his ways. The story revolves around the visit of three other ghosts, who show Scrooge various scenes in the hope of changing him for the better. The story also involves Bob Cratchit who employed by Scrooge. Bob lives in poverty but is still happy. His strength comes from his family including Tiny Tim, his crippled son. Ironically, Bob works as a clerk for Scrooge who is very rich and yet discontented with life.

The first of the ghosts is Christmas Past, a spirit from Scrooge’s childhood. Christmas Carol essays can bring out the spirit of Christmas in our daily lives. In the case of Scrooge, he is reminded of his innocent childhood with scenes that helps in reviving his spirit. He is alone at Christmas. Later the scene changes to one where he breaks off his engagement. He is horrified that he could have done that. Again, the scene changes to happier times where he is a satisfied apprentice to the merry Fezzywig. He is reminded that he is not treating his own nephew fairly.

The second ghost is Christmas Present, which takes Scrooge to his nephew’s house during Christmas, the only day off during the year. He is surprised to see Bob and his family enjoying the day with very little to share among them. Tiny Tim is shown as a frail and sickly child on crutches. The ghost tells Scrooge that the child’s seat would be empty with crutches at the side. Scrooge was invited to his nephew Fred’s house for a party. He refuses to do so. In the scene, he is surprised to see Fred raise a toast to his Uncle Scrooge. A Christmas Carol Essay should bring out the contrasting nature between the uncle and his nephew.

The third ghost is Christmas Yet, who presents a dark and lonely future to Scrooge. He is alone in his old age. When he dies, there is no one near him or mourning for him. His only maidservant would not hesitate to steal from him. The night passes off, and Scrooge awakes the next morning. He realizes that it is Christmas, and quickly goes about mending his ways. He first sends over a turkey to Bob’s house without letting him know who sent it. He then visits’ Fred’s home for Christmas and has a gala time. The next day, he raises Bob’s salary and wows to take care of Tiny Tim. The spirit of Christmas has entered Scrooge’s life making it a blessing. Christmas Carol essays must highlight how the spirit of Christmas could lead us to a fruitful life.

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