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Essay Plan
Essay Plan
An essay plan is the basic tool students can use to write an essay on any topic. The plan would have to follow some tried and tested methods of coming up with a complete essay that informs readers as well as keeps them interested. Students have to cover many subjects in school. It would not be possible to write essays without having knowledge of how to write a good essay outline or prepare the groundwork for including valuable content. Knowledge of a topic can be gained through research while attempting an essay on it, but there are other elements a student would have to master in order to write a high-quality essay.
Plan on completing the essay writing exercise well before the deadline. One of the basic mistakes students make is that they assume an essay project can be completed in a day or two. The ideal approach would be to sit down for a brainstorming session, decide on the topic, complete a preliminary research exercise and then decide how much time it would take. It would save you precious time and prevent tension from creeping in with the uncertainty of knowing when you could complete the project.
Prepare a template you are comfortable with before starting a project. For example, the template could contain formatted text, salutations, a bibliography, and other basic elements using the required font size and type. This helps save time and prepares a student to follow a system to write an essay. Several templates could be used for different subjects depending on the content to be included as per your essay plan.
Learn to prepare a plan for extended projects. For example, you may have to write a research paper on a topic as you progress through school. This might seem a difficult assignment without help, but it would be easy to complete the project with a plan in place. The critical element to be included in the plan for such an extended project would invariably be to decide on a realistic time frame considering all the necessary inputs required.
Follow standard methods to write an essay. If you have to write a descriptive essay, you would include the description of an item, place, or person. The plan would include the method how you would introduce the thesis statement in the introduction. The body of the essay would be devoted to include a detailed description of the subject matter. This plan would explain how many points can be included and the general direction of content to be included with or without research.
The essay plan would be incomplete without a list of all the mandatory requirements to be fulfilled while completing the project. For example, the curriculum would specify certain conditions to be met and other basic criteria to be included in the essay. It is important that students write down these requirements in the plan so that they do not miss out on any element at a later stage. The first time students prepare a plan, it might take some time. The exercise would get better with practice.

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