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Environmental Essay
Environmental Essay
An environmental essay on preservation of a green world should be a top prerogative when choosing a topic for the essay. Besides preservation of trees, there are many topics that would interest writers including study of the approach to preservation by Third World countries, deforestation, global warming, and World Environment Day. Another important topic is to study the effects urban society has on the environment. It has become vital that enough attention is paid towards preservation of society. Countries across the globe have come together to meet this challenge. Individuals have to understand the grave situation the world is in and make their efforts count. A custom essay highlighting the urgency needed to do this would be in order.

The menace of global warming has been talked about for a long time now. It has become a major concern to preserve the atmosphere we so much depend on. Worldwide temperatures are rising. Indications are ominous with glaciers melting in the Antarctica and temperatures rising every year. An environmental studies essay can be written on the Earth’s surface temperature, which has started rising since the mid 20th century. Industrial growth has had its effect on the environment as well by increasing greenhouse gases. Deforestation has not helped either. It is time every country enforced strict regulations regarding deforestation and established a balance between preserving nature and encouraging industrialization. It this is not done on a war footing, the world would stop existing as we know it. Unpredictable natural calamities would be the order of the day. A research essay on global warming could highlight the existing problems and offer solutions to resolve them.

Preserving our natural resources is a gift we can give to future generations. A environmental essay could be written on how natural resources like the air we breathe, water, land, and forests can be maintained by balancing the ecology. These natural sources depend on each other for sustaining the life support of the future. There are scientific bodies set up to manage these resources. The concept of conservation has penetrated the world, and experiments have been conducted in various places across the globe to show the way to a better future. A major effort in this direction was establishing the World Environment Day (WED) by the United Nations in 1972 to mark the opening of the first conference to be held on the environment in Stockholm. Today, the UN meets on June 5th to discuss initiatives and drives that have been started through the year to stimulate awareness towards conservation.

Pittsburghwed.com has stated that Pittsburgh has been selected by the UN as host for the World Environment Day 2010 in North America. The theme selected for the program is “Biodiversity – Ecosystems Management and the Green Economy.” Various events would be held for six weeks between April 22 and June 5 to commemorate the event. The world is moving towards managing existing systems that have been put in place to increase forestation. Discussions would be held on what is held in the future for all of us. It is expected that new systems to monitor and improve the situation worldwide would be suggested and implemented. It is high time all of us own responsibility towards preserving what is left of our precious world. Writers can go one step ahead and write a compelling environmental essay.

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