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A Process Essay – Organizing the Process Pattern
A Process Essay – Organizing the Process Pattern
A process essay would appeal to an audience that needs the exact steps to complete a particular process. If you could provide those steps, many readers would be interested in your essay. Structuring your essay in a way that appeals to people is a skill you would have to master. Simplicity is the key. The steps should be listed methodically in a way readers would be able to understand without having to refer to another source of information. It does take a while to master this skill. Once you get it right, you would be able to write an essay on any process.

Choose the right process essay topics. You may be given a list of topics to choose from. It is important that you understand a topic, especially if it is a process. Sit down and go through the steps needed to complete the process. Unless you are an expert on the subject or have access to the right source that would help you write down the process steps, it is likely you would be stuck with a particular step. To avoid this, choose a process this is complete in all sense. For example, a chemical reaction process would have been verified in the laboratory either by you or other people. The steps are verified and can be listed one after another. At each step, the inference can be noted and explained to readers. The experiment always has the same result.

Once you have the right topic, write a compelling title that would inform readers about the process. Success always attracts people. If your experiment is new and is successful in arriving at a breakthrough result, mention it in the title. Readers would be very curious to know about the process. For example, if you list out a process to grow a flower that needs very little space and soil but is not found in your neighborhood, you could write a title like, “If You Love the XYZ Flower, You Can Now Grow It At Home.” People who have limited space to grow flowers would find this information invaluable.

Check out a process essay sample on a similar topic to understand how the steps have to be listed. Your tutor in class would have covered the process and explained the steps. It is likely that reference sheets would have been provided. Use them for guidelines and find information relevant to your unique topic over the internet. For example, you might know how to bake a cake using the guidelines provided, but a new recipe might be available over the internet providing unique content for your essay. You could always try out the recipe at home or in school.

The sample essay could be used to create an outline for your essay. It is important that you know how the process would begin and end in detail. At every step, a process step would invoke a visible change in appearance or character. These have to be noted and clearly explained in detail for the benefit of readers. At no step should they be confused. You have to write a descriptive essay that is complete and elaborate. Process essays take time to write and research. Plan well before writing a process essay and you would find many readers interested in it.

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