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Essay On My School
Essay On My School
When you are asked to write on a topic like “Essay on My School” it makes you wonder how best you can do justice to your school where you spent most of your childhood. It is not easy to recollect everything that has happened to you over the years. The education you received, the pampering you got from your favorite teachers, the scolding you got from not-so-favorite teachers, the sporting events you participated in, the merit awards you got for achievements all come rushing back but in spurts. You try hard to remember everything. Here are some ideas to help you remember and get content for writing about your school.
If you were good in academics, think of the first award you received and write about it. It could have been when you were a junior student, but such incidents are not entirely erased from memory. Try and think of related incidents where one of your dear friends got an award. Try and remember the name of the teacher who taught you your favorite subject. Recollect what was said about you in a felicitation program. Look up some photographs your parents might have clicked. It would be a descriptive essay. All these would add up to remind you of the event, and you would start remembering it quite vividly.
Meet up with friends. Your school friends would remember you for something even you would not bother to think about. They would know information about teachers and the school which you might not recollect on your own. Always attempt to write custom written essays. It would be free flowing and could accommodate many ideas your friends might be able to provide.
Invariably, your school would have been remembered by another name besides the official name. Think about it. Students might have come up with a catchy name that you had forgotten about. Once you remember what it was, try and find out about its history. Why was it known by that name? Was there a story behind it? If there was, it would provide ideas about what to write in your essay. Learn how to write an opinion essay. It would help in expressing yourself freely.
Suppose you were to write a tourism essay, you would find out more about the place. It might be a heritage location with a lot of history surrounding it. Similarly, in your essay about your school, think of all the important locations surrounding it. Maybe, your school would have been the reason for another landmark coming up near it. Check out geography essays written about the place.
Famous personalities play an important role in providing education. You might remember your principal and his contribution to your growth in school. The school founders would have left some influence that would have shaped your thinking. These are important events in your school life you could include.
Sports events are the most talked about even after you leave school. If you participated in any event competitively, you would have enough content to write on the topic “Essay On My School.” There are many other ideas you would be able to come up with if you put your mind to it.

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