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Making Comparisons Easy With A Contrast Essay
Making Comparisons Easy With A Contrast Essay
A contrast essay uses comparisons to establish a point of view. It adds clarity to arguments placed by offering justifications based on similarities or contrasting attributes. Essay topics which cover decisions like which music system to buy, which college to join for higher studies, or where to go for your next vacation are topics that can be best explained with the help of examples which help in discussing merits and demerits of the topic.

While attempting compare and contrast essays, you have to bear in mind that you are comparing two separate events or objects based on similarities or dissimilarities you would like to highlight. In the first instance you introduce an idea without mentioning the second. For example, you are writing a contrast essay with a focus on vacationing in the Bahamas. You would discuss the merits of the vacation with a focus on what you think are the highlights or drawbacks, if any, about the vacation. Keep in mind that the points you include would have to be compared with your suggestions for another vacation in the next paragraph. Jot down the points and make a rough essay structure with the points listed out. You should be able to make changes easily as and when you feel they are needed.

Always try and write custom written essays. The points you mentioned in the earlier paragraph has to be your views on the topic, or you could list out all the merits and demerits you found when researching about the topic. Now you have to follow the principles of essay analysis and compare each point you listed out in the previous paragraph with another in this paragraph. Letís say you are now writing about a vacation in Australia. This would be a different location. There would be similarities in terms of beach resorts or adventure sporting events, but there could also be considerable dissimilarities you would have to list out. Leave it to readers to make up their mind about which they would prefer. At the same time you would have to conclude your contrast essay by stating your preference of one idea over another. There should be no ambiguity in the content, for which you would have spent a considerable amount of time researching over the internet or other library resources for comprehensive information on both the topics.

To present a structured essay that would make comparisons easy, you should list essay ideas in the same order over both the paragraphs. This would ensure readers have an easy route to make comparisons. A very good idea would be to bullet point or number each merit and demerit for easy reference. Try and keep your essay limited to four paragraphs with an introduction, the two comparative paragraphs, and a conclusion which summarizes your views on the topic. Be balanced in your approach and complete a detailed study on the topic. Once readers get to your contrast essay either through the internet or if you have presented it for assessment, the views you present would be considered the opinion of a professional with considerable knowledge on the subject. So it is your becomes your responsibility to inform them with comprehensive and detailed information.

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