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How To Make Your Readers Continue To Swallow The Bait Page After Page!
We all know that the way you say things is often just as important as what things you say. Expert authors know that they must be careful with the words that they choose. Everything that you put before your readers must not just be engaging, but it has to keep their eyes glued to the page and their hearts pounding with every idea. You are giving them the secrets to make their dreams come true! Who could stop reading that?? Who would WANT to stop reading that?? The format for gluing your readers to your book starts with the title of the book. It should be like the headline of an ad that is pulling in millions of dollars every day. Next, you need to build great chapter titles. If you see the book title as a headline, consider the chapter titles as the sub-heads. To put it a different way, the headline is the bait that gets the fish to snap, the sub-head is what makes the fish keep chomping so the hook sinks deeper and deeper! It is imperative that you are able to write titles that pull. A more technical way of looking at it is that your book title and your chapter titles are a series of descriptors that clearly describe your Unique Selling Proposition (Your USP). Your USP is essentially that which separates you from your competition in the market place. It is what provides you your competitive advantage. Let me assure you that the way you word something can mean the difference between success and failure or in our case, between being read and being ignored! Here is an interesting study: One marketer discovered the value of words by trying 4 different headlines, marketing a diet product, over a 3-month period. The sales material remained identical. Only the headline was different in each case (In other words, only the words changed. Look at the huge difference in results.) The headlines were as follows: 1. Breakthrough New Diet Product! 2. A New Diet Revolution! 3. How A Texas Housewife Lost 23.5 Pounds In 32 Days! 4. Dieting Secrets Of A Desperate Housewife! The Big Question!!!! Which one do you predict would outsell all the others and by a wide margin? I pick # ____ and Why did you pick that one? The Study Results Every individual response was carefully tracked and recorded. The actual documented results may surprise you. Total sales were 165 units over this testing period. Let me repeat myself. The ONLY thing that changed in this whole sales process was the headline. Everything else stayed exactly the same! Here's a breakdown of the results each specific headline produced: 1. Breakthrough New Diet Product! 13 Sales (8% of total sales) 2. A New Diet Revolution! 8 Sales (5% of total sales) 3. How A Texas Housewife Lost 23.5 Pounds In 32 Days! 98 Sales (59% of total sales) 4. Dieting Secrets Of A Desperate Housewife! 46 Sales (28% of total sales) Why do you think that number three out-pulled every other headline by a lot? I'll tell you. Number three alluded to a REAL STORY. A REAL person who lost REAL WEIGHT in a REAL AMOUNT OF TIME. It combined in a sense the UPP with the USP. The target market that this ad was aimed at could identify with that, and thus they bought the product. What if the advertiser just crafted headline #1 and wouldn't change it? He would have lost 92% of his sales!! What a lesson! You need to make sure that you craft a book title and chapter titles that will continually sell your readers on why they need to keep reading AND why they need to buy what you are selling!