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How To Write Best Selling Graphic Novels
There are really many factors to consider when writing a comic strip or a graphic novel. You have to decide on your writing style,drawing style,publishing woes,distribution etc... It is never an easy ride. Writing The best way in this case is to find a partner and pool your talents together. Creating a graphic novel is rarely a one man show. Most importantly, as a WRITER, you must start honing your writing skills and let people critique your work. The more criticisms the better! Look for criticisms and embrace them for they will always spur you on and help you your skills. Do remember that you cannot please everyone. Publishing Where do you submit your work after you have completed your grand masterpiece? My website has the resources that shows where exactly to go and what to do. Here are some useful tips on publishing. Formatting. In what type of format must you submit your work? What if you have changes? How do you submit cover art, author photos and other information? What about ISBN numbers? You would have to decide on which platform you want to do your work from the very start. Editing. Are the books edited or proofread and are there fees charged for editing or proofreading? What experience do they have? You might consider using the editing service or hiring a freelance editor to proof your work for you prior to publication. Editing is a must if you want to make sure your first graphic novel goes well. Promotional Benefits. Does the publisher promote its authors? Does it contact the media for you? Does it have a media contact list or a mailing list where you can announce your book? How does the publisher feature its most recent releases? There is nothing wrong with this approach, but be sure you know what the company policies are so that you are not disappointed. To read the rest of the guide, please visit my website. Webmaster http://www.TopGraphicNovelReviews.Com