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Donít be scared if you have trouble getting started your paper, all writers have experienced this more than once in their lives. Paper writing isnít easy task as you might think before. It requires a lot of skills, time and concentration. Sometimes you can spend days on your paper, donít be surprised. Inexperienced writers think that there is nothing complicated in paper writing, however if you are limited by format and topic boundaries, writing the paper becomes much more complicated task than composing email to your friend. Here we will list and describe some techniques that will help you start writing and concentrate on your topic and main idea that you want to deliver to your audience. These techniques are listing and free-writing.


Listing is a simple way to produce information in writing. If you are creating your own paper, you can make a list of potential subjects. If you are responding to teacherís directions, you can list what you already know or need to know about the subject of the paper. Begin by giving your list a title, a prompt that will evoke events, impressions, and ideas. Write the title at the top of a new page in your notebook, and then, working down the page as quickly as possible, list any word or phrase that comes to mind. Donít stop to edit, organize, or evaluate the items in your list. Simply spill them down the page in whatever form they occur to you. Donít be unenthusiastic by occasional pauses or by the strange ideas you wrote down to keep the list going. The task is to list as many as possible. It doesnít mean that each phrase should be useful from the very beginning, you simply need all that occurs in your mind.
Then you will need to evaluate your list. After completing your list, examine your information carefully. What subject dominates your list? Can you identify other subjects? What subjects do you want to develop in greater detail in your paper? Underline or star the items that seem most promising. Circle and connect those that seem to go together. Pick a word or phrase and start another list. You may need most of the information or only a few fragments or sentences on your list in your paper writing. But one of those sentences may be the one that points the way to your subject, audience, and purpose in your paper.


Free-writing helps you write down as quickly as possible what you can remember. It encourages you to remember in coherent blocks and to write in phrases and sentences. In this technique you donít have to worry about writing perfect sentences. You write for a sustained period of time (usually 10-15 minutes) without stopping. Once you are finished, you will have time to look it over and abstract useful ideas. You can practice free-writing as an unfocused or focused activity. In unfocused free-writing, you simply begin writing, transcribing onto the page the first ideas that pop into your head and then allowing your mind to wander to other subjects. While you are filling up the page, you may discover a provocative word or forgotten episode that leads to more complex ideas that can be helpful in your paper writing process.
It is often difficult to evaluate unfocused free-writing because the sentences slide from subject to subject, never stopping long enough to develop. Underline words or phrases that seem significant to your paper. Do they deal with different topics? Do they have a common theme? Does one evoke a particularly powerful memory? Answering these questions may help you discover information for focused paper writing.

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