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Structure of an Essay
Structure of an Essay
We believe that in order for a student to write a good essay, he needs to know the correct structure of an essay. This way, the article that he will write will have a coherent and logical way of discussing a topic. Moreover, it will be easier for the audience to read the article because a structure gives the essay the backbone of correct story telling. So what are the basic parts of an essay?

The structure of an essay is dependent on the outline of the writer. He needs to construct an outline first before writing the contents of the essay. This way, he will be able to write the paragraphs in a way that the topic of interest will have true meaning. The first part of the essay structure is the introduction. This primary part will introduce the topic to the readers. The intro gives the readers an idea or concept what the topic is all about. Of course, you need to know the three basic parts of the introduction as well. The first sentence should be the essay hook. The essay hook serves as bait for the readers to participate in the essay discussion. With the hook, you can entice people to read your essay. Next, the middle part of the introduction should be about the background of the topic. You need to provide the reason why you have selected the topic and what things relate to it. The last part of the intro is the thesis statement. This will give your readers an idea what you want to convey in the essay.

The middle part of the essay structure is what we call the body. It may consist of a single or multiple paragraphs. The body serves as the very platform to discuss the essay topic. You can divide the body into several headings according to your intention of writing on a topic. For example, you can have two body parts if you want to write a compare and contrast essay. Alternatively, you may have three or more parts if you need to discuss at least three types of computers in a classification article. There is also a way to make the body part attractive. You can have bullet sentences or include an illustration or graph in the essay as necessary.

The last part of the structure of an essay is the conclusion. As you know, the conclusion is the summary of the entire essay. However, this is not always true because it is just the first part of the conclusion. You also need to include your resolution to the problem statement if you have given one. Lastly, you can provide recommendations to your readers if there should be additional research on their part.

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