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Essay Rater
Essay Rater
Are you willing to let people criticize your essay? Ask this to an ordinary student and he will tell you that it is not necessary. However, if you will ask this to an open-minded person who want to improve his essay writing skills and you will get a nod for it. Essay criticism is a good way for you to develop your skills in writing. This concept will let you know what your weaknesses are and how you can improve your writing skills. In these modern times, you may allow a computer program or software to do the criticism for you. Essay rater software can provide you with clear understanding on how your essay will fare when your teacher evaluates it. Let us talk about what an essay rater is and how it can help you.

An essay rater is a form of computer program that evaluates your work even before you submit it. An essay should have all the fine characteristics and details in order for it to receive a good grade. One type of an essay rater is a program that you can find online. Many websites offer essay rater services to students who want to make sure they have a quality article. Some programs are free of charge while others may require you some forms of payment. This premium service could mean additional rater features or additional number of documents that you can upload to the rater database.

In most cases, you are unconsciously availing the service of essay rater software. If you are using Microsoft Word or any other document fabrication software, you are actually using a passive essay rater. Let us consider MS Word. It has a built in tool that can identify errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and even style. This is a kind of essay rater that is convenient to use. You can simply activate the tool and the program will rate your work as you type the word in the document. As a rater software, you will not be given a certain grade or evaluation score. What the program can do is to highlight the possible errors that you have committed so you can correct them.

Is there any other essay rater software that serves a different function? Let us go back to online resources. Another form of an essay rater online is the one that identifies plagiarism. You can use free online tools that can help you identify any potential plagiarized part on your essay. Of course, you may not need this if you are 100% sure that you did not use any reference materials. However, just to be sure, you can upload your entire document to an essay rater online and have it scanned for possible matches with other published articles. This is a helpful tool especially if you are writing a research paper. Plagiarism offense is the last thing you will need.

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