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Introduction of an Essay
Introduction of an Essay
You probably know that an essay can tackle different topics and points of interest. This is the nature of an essay article because it is a flexible school paper. However, no matter what the topic scope may be, there is always a need to write the introduction of an essay. If you do not have any ideas what this part is, then let us talk about its purpose and proper way to write it.

Just like in conversing with another person, you are actually communicating to a reader when you write an essay. In this aspect, you have to include the introduction of an essay much like when you want to engage your listeners to participate in a discussion that you want to initiate. The introduction came from the root word introduce which means you want to acquaint your reader to the topic that you want to discuss. Why is this important? The introduction of an essay is important because it gives the readers a background on the topic that you are going to write for. This way, your readers will not be “shocked” with whatever subject you want to bring out in the essay.

What should an introduction of an essay contain? There are few segments that you have to include in an introduction. Since it is a specific paragraph of an essay article, you must allocate a good amount of introductory sentence and phrase in it. First, you have to make sure that you catch the attention of a reader. One can write it by having a first sentence in the introduction that can easily attract an audience. How can we do it? We suggest that you use any of the following styles as your first sentence:

Quote from a book, a person, or any other credible source.

Ask a question that will entice readers to look answers for it.

Generalize an idea. If you will do this, then you might encounter a person who will not believe in the idea.

Put a seemingly contradictory notion. Write a statement that provokes the readers.

Another point in writing an introduction paragraph is to provide a background of the topic. You must be able to write the scope of the subject in your essay so that the reader will be prepared to your discussion. This action will make it easier for them to absorb the contents of your essay because they will have prior knowledge of the topic.

Lastly, the introduction of an essay should contain the main thesis statement. This is the core idea of your essay so take time writing a strong one. The thesis statement is considered strong is it asserts a notion, provokes to reader and targets only a specific idea.

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