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Understanding the Essay Plot
Understanding the Essay Plot
We usually identify the word “plot” with the storyline of a certain narrative. The term is loosely used for movie or book narratives. If we are going to talk about an essay plot, it is the overall structure of a story that will complete the essence of writing it. An essay in narrative form usually has this plot property so let us talk about it so you can create a quality plot for your article.

As we have already mentioned, the essay plot is usually identified in a narrative story of an article. This is the collection of events that will lead to the culmination of a general theme in an artistic manner. In writing an essay, the story that you have will have a plot that will talk about the central purpose of writing. Some specific topic essays that may have an essay plot are family essay, technology essay or The Great Gatsby essay.

In realizing the parts of an essay plot, let us talk about the Freytag’s Pyramid. This is the structure of the plot’s parts in a normal narrative essay. The initial part is the Exposition. This is where the characters and setting are introduced. It builds the main atmosphere of the story. The Rising Action is the part of the story that will build up the problems to meet the climax. The Climax is the central event in the story which will produce the peak for the rising conflict. The Falling Action will then follow which will gradually produce the Resolution to the problem of the story.

You can understand the structure of an essay plot if you will download a copy of our essay examples. Try to find a narrative essay that will give you an idea of what the essay plot parts are.

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