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Format of Critical Analysis – Follow the Correct Format and Write With an Open, Unbiased Frame of Mind
Format of Critical Analysis – Follow the Correct Format and Write With an Open, Unbiased Frame of Mind
Format of Critical Analysis – Guidelines

There are many essay types that a writer can choose from according to his needs and interests. He may choose to write on a personal essay topic or may be he can choose to write a discussion essay, an opinion essay, an analytical essay or whatever he desires from the various types of essays available. Essay writing for a critical analysis generally consist of a review of a writing, be it a book or a journal or an article, even a movie or a theater, anything the writer feels a need to review and the analysis may not necessarily be a negative one. The writer may write the essay entirely in agreement with the theme of the book read or the movie watched. The writer who wants to write a critical analysis for a research paper writing or a term paper writing or for any other projects or assignments must go through the article or whatever he is reviewing thoroughly and with a completely unbiased mind and an open attitude. He has to evaluate how well the topic matches with the matter presented, whether everything is well explained or not and all necessary data is correctly written. Then only the writer can decide or is entitled to give a positive or a negative review. A format of critical analysis should begin with a summary of the work reviewed. A complete summary presenting the central theme, facts surrounding the main theme and what the material to be reviewed tries to say. For the body an evaluation has to be presented as to whether all facts and data given are correct or logical. The facts supporting the main theme has to be read thoroughly and evaluated whether they are relevant or not. The writer can discuss what other critics have discussed about that particular work earlier. For this the writer has to stick to guidelines set for essay formats and give correct citations and references to avoid plagiarism charges. For the concluding part the writer has to present his own opinion as to how he felt about the work reviewed. He has to give proper and logical evidences in his support of his views.

Format of critical analysis:

A. Title or cover page – if the instructor asks for one. The sub heading, heading must all be of the standard approved style and format as instructed by the professor.

B. Abstract – for a research paper or if the instructor asks for one. It will consist of a short summary of the whole project within the word limit range of 120 to 200 words.

C. Introduction – will give a brief summary that will lead to the theme. Important definitions and terms that will have relevance in the body can be defined and explained here. The thesis statement or the problem statement will have to be presented here.

D. Body – this will present the details of the reviewed material and all facts and data presented in it to be analyzed and checked whether they are correct or not. The scope of the thesis or problem statement is to be explored here along with the writer’s viewpoint and opinion. The writer’s viewpoint will have to supported by strong and logical evidences complete with correct citations and references. Opposing opinions and ideas, if any, is to be presented here. The writer can present his solution for the problem statement here, if he wishes to.

E. The Conclusion will summarize the main important points without going into too much details. The thesis statement will be re instated and a strong and convincing concluding remark to be written.

Critical analysis is all about going into the depths of the subject or material to be reviewed and discussing it objectively so that the readers get to know the subject better and in details. A format for critical analysis should not only be a review and contain a summary and a list of what other critics say about the work, it should also voice the writer’s own concerns, views and opinions based on correct and logical evidences. Our sample essays can guide you further and show you how to write a perfect critical analysis. Essay-911.com is always there if you need any further help to write a critical analysis.

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