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Progress and Labour Market
Graduation is one of the best periods in life, when everything seems so simple and possible. But once you have stepped into the big world with all the difficulties, there are a few important decisions to make. One of them includes your future plans, career in particular. Now there is something that requires weeks to think this over. To make the right choice one has to be informed about all the twist and spins in the job market and be prepared to fight one?s way to the top. It may seem highly improbable, but the demographical factor plays an important role in this situation. We observed a great internet developing boom recently and the rush continues. Young men and women choose professions related to computing. The possible reason for this is the gossip that internet business is a very profitable one and will prosper in the future. It is indeed a profitable business, but some of the companies appeared to be bankrupt; they overestimated their possibilities. Nevertheless there are some moments that are very easy to explain. For instance the demand for specialists in healthcare is a result of the ageing of the American nation. Economy foundation drifts from goods production to services production since late fifties. United States is just a country among others that also experiences these drifts. The statistics of the Department of labor of the US shows that most demanded fields are education and healthcare. As it was already mentioned, healthcare specialists are needed because of the aging of the nation and ecological problems. But how can one explain simultaneous rise in the educational service if the population is ageing? There is a definite social factor in this. The role of women in the society has changed greatly. Now women make careers and take active part in life of the society. Therefore there is great demand for childcare specialists that are able to work in kindergartens while mothers work. The other reason is the development of ?white collar? caste that grows yearly. Young men and women want to make careers in managing and marketing, but not engineering or industrial work. The raise of business and professional service is also observed. These are the fastest growing sectors of the economy. There is also a rising demand for specialists in these areas, but the offer is also rising. It takes stamina and straightforwardness to acquire a good place in these sectors. Some agencies are overloaded with clients that would like to work in these spheres. How do they manage to satisfy their clients? They do not assist in actual employment process, but help establishing excellent resumes with outline, cover letters, portfolios and references. This helps people to get the best places with practically no effort.