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Article Essay- Let Your Imagination Take Wings And Soar High
Article Essay- Let Your Imagination Take Wings And Soar High
Article Essay- A Guide To Help You Write One

An article essay is one of the easiest thing to write, from all the various types of essays a student or a writer can choose from. In this essay a writer can use his or her imagination and creativity to its fullest and also get away with it. The main objective of this essay is get the readerís attention and keep the reader engrossed. This essay type is mainly for the print media and published in newspapers specially in the supplementary pages and also in magazines, journals etc.

Article essay like any other essay follows a set standard essay format. It also follows the normal pattern of an introduction, a body and conclusion. While choosing a topic for this essay it is best to choose on a subject the writer is very familiar with. He or she must have a very good knowledge on that subject and must be extremely passionate about it to write an interesting essay on the chosen theme. Recent happenings or events are best avoided. Topics can be chosen from travel and tourism, art and culture, history, adventure tourism, sports and adventure sports etc.

While writing this essay one must remember to instill a sense of liveliness in to the writing . Since the essay would be something of the writerís passion he or she should put the heart and soul into it thus making the reader feel his or her presence while reading the article. Unlike other professional essays like critical essay, informative essay or compare and contrast essay one can do away with the rules and regulations that these essays follow and live up to his or her own style and pattern of writing. Thus there is a sense of freedom while writing this essay but the writer must also be prepared to face criticism or critical review.
The article essay though is written mainly to garner the readerís attention and to attract them towards the newspaper or journal they can also be used to give information. As for example an essay on travel and tourism can also give important and interesting data about the place concerned which can be useful to any prospective traveler to that place or country. While writing this essay the writer should keep the following things in mind:

1.the writer should first think up of an essay plan and follow that plan while writing it.

2.There should be sense of life in the writing so that the reader can feel the writerís presence while reading the article.

3.The writer may follow any pattern of writing be it narrative, or descriptive or even illustrative as long as it is appealing to the readers.

4.There should be a good deal of creativity in the essay as an article essay requires the writer to put in a lot of imagination into the writing. It should be like a painting with a lot of colors all beautifully mixed and matched.

5.The writing should be so beautiful and vivid that it leaves a wonderful and lasting impression in the readerís mind.

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