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A Brief “How-To” Citation, Credit And Who?
A Brief “How-To” Citation, Credit And Who?
Citation (huff) Lean in closer if you can’t hear me.

Pt #1:

One of the most significant elements when writing anything is to know where the credit is due. Citation and credit are important measures when writing a paper especially one that demands this sort of coverage. If you copy words that weren’t concocted by you directly the credit must be given to the original author of the quote or citation. It’s immoral to write something that someone else said and mask it as though you wrote it, this is known as plagiarism. When writing a piece of work like an essay you need to understand how to cite a paper. Citations with the use of relevant quotes tacked-in are often required, it’s important to remember to always use the quotation key before and after the passage. That said, write down the author’s name beside the passage to clearly define that these were words belonging to the individual so named. Crediting the name before or after the passage makes little difference so long as the full name clearly appears.

Pt #2:

Occasionally, your teacher might want the citation and credit to also contain a brief description of the author; perhaps noting where they work or worked, birth year to deceased year or where they lived. Your teacher will describe how he/she expects the paper to be cited. Most often, it appears in the form of a bibliography which is a separate sheet of paper documenting all suggested information. If this is required of you, you need to give a brief description on where you got the information from exactly.

Pt #3:

A bibliography has a specific outline. It is meant to provide the reader with all necessary and accurate sources of information concerning the citation. A bibliography for a book or the World Wide Web is different from one intended for an essay or research paper, but it is the same as it lists all materials pertaining to the author.

Pt #4:

The preferred format for a bibliography is to first list in bold letters at the top of the page ‘Bibliography.’ Have one or two spaces to follow then proceed to format. Correctly citing a paper is chief so learn all you can to master citation. If your citation comes from a book, you would write ‘Book’ in bold, list the number of authors (one, two or more) and arrange their name(s) in alphabetical order beginning with the surname(s). The title of the book follows the name(s) and must be underlined and whatever category it is listed under must follow the title. In brackets write the city, place of publication and the year followed by the page number your exact passage was retrieved from.

Book – One Author
Huxley, Tim, Defending the Lion City: The Armed Forces of Singapore (St Leonard: Allen & Unwin, 2000).

(The book title: Defending the Lion City would be underlined.)

Stay tuned; we will tackle more on citation, credit and the mechanisms of this subject in future articles. In the meantime you could always take a few minutes to look up Essay-911.com. Their custom, quality made essays and papers come complete with all the necessary information.

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