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Analysis Essay: Know How To Craft One.
Analysis Essay: Know How To Craft One.
Crafting analysis essays involves more than just thinking and writing!

Analysis essays are the food for thought of prose writing. Rationality, logic, structure and format are its grammar. It is one of the minority spheres of writing, where left brain analytical and logical skills assume prominence over all others. When writing such essays, adopt the thinking process of an investigative journalist. Traits like deep focus and research on the topic, understanding cause and effects, identifying the perspective you want to encourage and developing logical arguments to validate what you have to say – is mandatory.

What makes this style of essay different…

The key here is being persuasive. You are not writing for informative purpose or exploring the self. Draft strong for and counter arguments on the topic. Put forth a hypothesis; persuade readers to accept your perspective, state relevant facts and figures that substantiate your arguments. A strong logical construction is essential, so is the manner in which you structure your thoughts.


Establish a strong relationship between the arguments proposed and the points covered in your analysis essay. Your perspective must be understood in the context and content of the essay. Don’t commit the mistake of not co-relating the two.

Law 1# Understand your readers

Whom are you writing for? What do they know about the topic? These are a few questions you need to ask yourself as you plan your essay. The effectiveness of your essay is measured by how comprehensive it is to the desired readership. Exerting effort to understand you readers is a component of the due diligence stage of this activity.

Law 2# Impartiality

You are crafting a persuasive essay and not propaganda. Different perspectives, including those against your arguments, must be mentioned. The essay must display equilibrium between conflicting viewpoints. Readers must have access to all the information they need to take a stand on the issue. If they accept your perspective, it is only because your arguments make the most rational and logical sense.

Steps involved in Analysis Essay

Step 1: Examine

A quality essay needs adequate preparation. Learn everything about the topic to formulate your perspective. Question all assumptions, categorize relevant and irrelevant information and materials needed for you topic. Discard the irrelevant and focus on the relevant.

Step 2: Compare

Highlight the similarities and differences between competing viewpoints. Develop a structure to your essay, link paragraphs correctly and seamlessly, ensure ideas flow naturally and in the desired outcome. Compare pertinent points and not what is beyond the scope of your essay.

Step 3: Valuate

It is here you must provide the final analysis on the topic, based on the stated information. State the criteria and the context for your analysis. How did you arrive at that conclusion? List all evidential data to support what you are propounding. Focus on establishing your perspective as the most logical and obvious.

Step 4: Persuade

Demonstrate your arguments through strong reasoning. Defend it from counter arguments and explicitly state how your perspective is the best among all available alternatives. Provide evidential data to assert credibility, after cross-checking the sources and authenticity of the information provided.

Make sure that you know…

Writing analysis essay is a process and not a one time activity. Don’t limit yourself to controversial research topics. You can develop such essays on any subject, including poetry. But follow its grammar; analyze different perspectives and not one, center your writing on rationality/logic and not mere sentimentality. These essays are the hallmark of the thinking writer. Your essays reveal the depth of your thoughts. Discover professional essay help online.

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