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Creative Essay
Creative Essay
What is so special about writing creative essays
Creative EssayCreative essay is a flow of imagination which moves the story and makes it interesting. It is a key factor which differs creative essays from technology essay, media essay or any other type of essay. The writer should create a fantasy, a real-like story or an unbelievable event. There is no limit and no restrictions to developing the plot. It is possible, for example, that a fly told the story. Would it be interesting to read a story of a fly’s every day life? I guess, yes if you approach it skillfully. Talent of author matters a lot when it comes to writing a creative essay. One should be able to switch from usual way of thinking to crazy, unbelievable and – to some extend – insane thinking. Are you able to forget about limitations of real life? Can your heroes fly? Are they able to see the world from other point of view? The best strategies for writing creative essays is playing and experimenting.

Imagine that elements of your essay are balls.

Mario is a student and he lives in a small flat.

The balls are: Mario, Life, Small Flat. You can add balls and take them.

The next day Mario’s friend from Guadalupe Flint came to visit him. From that moment usual student’s life of Mario with studying, learning, and partying finished.

Don’t be afraid to connect things that cannot be connect, mix situations, put people in various places and make them encounter with different subjects. It is always interesting to watch the person facing challenges.

Firstly flint seemed to be a usual teenager. They talked a lot about boys’ stuff such as girls, sport, cars, but than Flint took something from his pocket. It was small and looked like caramel. Flint glanced curiously at Mario and said: “Would you like some?”… The next morning Mario was not able to sing and it was his profession.

After that you should develop the story and write how Mario faced the challenge. The more imaginative you are the better it is. There are millions of combinations and possible experiments your heroes can undergo. However, you should think carefully of the outcome and make proper continuation. If you fail to write trustworthy readers won’t trust you and it is fiasco for the writer.

During writing you should develop your story, reveal the subject and move the plot. Creative essay is similar to narration. Your task is to think of what the subject can do. Why the subject has to do it? What the consequences will be? How it influences the subject? It is possible to ask millions of such questions. Giving answers to them you will write your essay. However, you should not neglect the technical side of the essay which requires sticking to the academic essay writing demands. Also use transitions which will help you to connect the ideas; action verbs for making your story alive; and descriptive adjectives to make it bright.

In case you misunderstood anything or need deeper explanation you are free to contact our team. What is more, we can write excellent creative essay for you.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers