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Tips on Writing an Earthquake Essay
Tips on Writing an Earthquake Essay
Earthquake essay can explain how an earthquake happens, its aftereffects such as tsunamis and landslides or focus on the catastrophe it can create. In large earthquakes, mass destruction to buildings and property, and large number of deaths brings innumerable health, economic, social problems. Earthquakes is a common daily occurrence, but only the earthquakes that cause large damage gets noticed by people and become news. On the average four earthquakes above the magnitude of more than five on the Richter Scale happens a day and 4000 tremors, earthquakes of smaller magnitude more than two on the Richter Scale happen on a day. Including these figures in an informative essay can make your essay interesting and capture the attention of your reader.
Writing an Essay on Earthquakes

The deadliest earthquake known to us is the one occurred in Shaanxi, China and brought death to an estimated 830,000 people in 1556. When selecting the writing style for the earthquake essay and the topic for the essay, the students shall first decide on the aspect of the earthquakes he/she wants to write on. It is easy to write an excellent essay if the student has some knowledge and an interest on that aspect. Descriptive essays can be written describing a single earthquake that caused mass destruction. Expository essays can be written to explain how an earthquake occurs and the after effects like tsunamis. Such an essay can enhance the knowledge of the readers on this subject by revealing facts and figures which they are not familiar with.
Argumentative Essay Topics on Earthquakes

Is it possible to write an argumentative Earthquake essay? If the students are given an assignment to write an argumentative essay they can select some topics connected to earthquakes. There are some arguments on the suitability of Richter scale to indicate the magnitude of an earthquake. There can be many more unsettled scientific issues that are being debated by the geologists and other scientists. There are debates still going on the discrepancies of the number of deaths caused by the Haiti earthquake in January 2010. And there are debatable issues on other earthquakes that have occurred in the past.

If the students are inclined to write argumentative essays on earthquakes, then they can find good argumentative topics from other related fields like reconstruction after an earthquake, laws to be brought for regulating construction of buildings in earthquake prone areas etc.
Plan Your Essay to Write an Outstanding Essay

Most of the students do not appreciate the importance of planning for the success of an essay. Planning helps students to write and complete the essay in due time. They can do the research for the essay and write it with a good flow of ideas and the resulting essay will be a nicely organized piece of prose that can impress the reader. First stage of planning the essay involves selecting a good topic, a good thesis and writing the thesis statement. Then student can do the research necessary for finding information and data. Next stage is writing an outline. Writing the essay, editing and proofreading are the final and most important tasks.
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Students who think that they need help to write a good essay they can get help from a good essay writing company. Well qualified and experienced writers will write your essays to perfection and educate you on how to write good essays with proper structure and content. By referring to these custom written essays, you can develop your essay writing skills to a high level in the long run.