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Being Well Prepared for GMAT Essay Questions
Being Well Prepared for GMAT Essay Questions
GMAT essay questions are given to the students to elicit responses that will help assessing the studentsí analytical writing skills. Graduate Management Assessment Test (GMAT) is conducted by the Graduate Management Assessment Council (GMAT). Started in 1953, GMAT is accepted as a common acceptance criterion for the admission to graduate programs like MBA at many Business schools allover the world. GMAT consists of three parts. First part is Analytical Writing Assessment in which applicants are required to write two essays answering the two essay questions.
GMAT Essay Questions for Analytical Writing Assessment

GMAC has a large pool of GMAT essay questions and the applicants are given two essay questions drawn by a computer. First of the two questions is on a specific issue. Applicants are expected to analyze an issue given in the essay question and write the essay in 30 minutes. In the second question applicants are given an argument. Applicants are required to write an essay analyzing the argument and describe the soundness of the argument and the flaws in the argument if there are any. The time allocated for this question also is 30 minutes.
How to Prepare for the Analytical Writing Assessment

To prepare for answering essay questions at the GMAT, students have to practice. The GMAT essay questions can be downloaded from the official website of the GMAC. But as the number of essay questions in the pool is large, students cannot prepare to answer for any question that may be drawn by the computer. Still, it is a good strategy to go through all the essay questions and select some to write practice essays. Students can get tips on essay writing from teachers and read from on line and offline sources.
Grading of the GMAT Essays

The students shall know how the GMAT essays are graded. The essays are independently graded by a human grader and an E-rater which is a computer programmed to follow very strict criteria. If the human grader and the e-rater agree on the grading then a third grader, a human will grade the GMAT essay to resolve the differences. Using idiomatic phrases, humor and rarely used archaic words shall be avoided because computers are not very competent in these areas. Studying some good GMAT essay examples will help students to learn how to write GMAT essays properly and to meet the expectations of a computerized marking system.
Get Help to Prepare for the GMAT Essays

Writing GMAT essays are different from writing other types of essays that are written for the humans to read and understand. But the GMAT essays are graded by the e-rater which considers the logic and the arguments in the essays and the structure of sentences. The vocabulary also can be assessed by the computers. Because the computers do not have feelings, humor and artistic tastes etc the students should learn to avoid these in their GMAT essays. Students can get professional help from a competent essay writing firms in preparing for GMAT.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers