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Writing an Atlas Shrugged Essay
Writing an Atlas Shrugged Essay
When faced with the challenge of writing the Atlas shrugged essay students have to first study the book. “Atlas shrugged” published in 1957 is the longest and the last fiction work by Ayn Rand. Students have to read about Ayn Rand’s life and her philosophy to write a good essay on “Atlas shrugged”. The book has been classified under different categories by different people. Though it is a novel Ayn Rand used “Atlas shrugged” to express her philosophy of Objectivism. Many novel ideas and technologies not available at the time are represented in the book that makes “Atlas shrugged” to be a candidate to be classified under science fiction genre.
Plot and the theme of Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand was born in Russia 1n 1905 and had to face the consequences of 1918 Bolshevik revolution. She migrated to US in 1926. She started writing the book “Atlas shrugged” in 1944. Main theme of the novel is the withdrawal of creative people from their creative activities in protest to control and exploitation of their free thinking and their “labor”. She believed that the world progresses because of the minds of the creative people. People heading the state and businesses are mere parasites that control the freedom of these mind to think and innovate and exploit them. There are many interesting topics that the students can write on, in their Atlas shrugged essays.
Philosophy of Objectivism and its Stand on Economic and Social Issues

Her objectivism is a form of rational selfishness and goes against all the forms of collectivism like communism, socialism and fascism. She compares the creative minds of the world shouldering the functions of operating, developing and the progress of the world to Atlas the giant who holds the earth on his shoulders. If Atlas shrugs what will happen to the earth and all the beings on it. So the Creative minds go on strike and “Atlas shrugged” story shows the consequences.

At the end John Galt the leader of the creative minds industrialist makes a radio speech that appears in the book as the last chapter that goes on for 90 pages. This chapter sums up Ayn Rand’s Objectivism Philosophy. Many thought provoking and interesting essay topics can be found from the philosophies expounded in the book.
How to Write the Atlas Shrugged Essay

If the student read the book and grasped what the author tried to achieve by writing the book it is very easy for the student write an essay on the book. Ayn Rand did not want only to tell a story. Students can write excellent essays by selecting topics that the author has emphasized. Therefore selecting English essay topics from the book have to be done carefully. They can write on the themes, development of the characters, symbols and the motifs used by the author.
Writing Atlas Shrugged Essay Needs Help

Any average student needs help for writing atlas shrugged essay, considering the themes discussed in the essay, the way the characters have been developed, and the symbols that have been used. A deep understanding of philosophical and economic issues discussed in the book is needed for writing a deserving good Atlas shrugged essay. Students can secure some professional essay help from a reputed essay writing company in order to get a high grade in their essay assignments.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers