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Taking Part in an Essay Contest
Taking Part in an Essay Contest
There are many contests which students can take part in these days. These contests bring students many benefits in the form of cash prizes, recognition and scholarships. If you are a talented student who excels at writing essays, you should enter an essay contest. International contests are organized by Non Governmental organisations, different trust funds and other organizations. National contests are mostly organized by universities. The main purpose of the contests is to provide students with the opportunity needed to include their thoughts effectively on a topic and stand out from the majority as a talented essay writer.
Types of Contests

There are different types of essay contests. Some contests allow students to select any topic to write their essays while others provide students with topics ranging from Global warming essay topics to global unemployment issues, terrorism issues or address child abuse essay topics. The reason for this is to increase awareness of these societal issues of global scale among the students. The prizes too, will vary according to the scale of the contest as well as the standards. You should select the type of contest you wish to enter depending on your standard of writing. For example, if your writing is of high standard, you will be able to participate in international contests which provide the winners with high recognition and large prize money. But keep in mind they also expect you to be a quality writer. Therefore, you should seek the advice of some of your professors to ensure that your essay writing meets with the expectations of each competition.
Participation Requirements

If you intend to win the competition, then the work you submit should demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the subject, excellent researching skills and perfect writing skills. Creativity in ideas as well as your prowess with the language is what the judges will be impressed with. With many applicants taking part, the standards of evaluation in most essay contests will be stringent. There will also be various rules and regulations which you need to be aware of when participating. You are required to follow them strictly to avoid being disqualified. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you read the rules and regulations before beginning work on the essay. Elements such as prescribed format, word limit, and topic areas are things which should be considered before you embark on the writing process.
Entering a Contest

Entering these contests is fairly easy. Nowadays, most competitions are publicised through the internet and they are also informed through school and college notice boards. They are also gazetted in newspapers. You can access information on the essay contests easily as most contests have an information website to facilitate participants. Select the one which is most suitable to your standard of writing. When entering, you should ask yourself, if you are passionate of the subject area to write an outstanding essay. You should also have the drive to win as this can make you put in the extra effort that can make a difference between a good essay and the best essay the contest would receive.

Writing for these contests is similar to writing your scholarship application essay. You need to be dedicated, prepared and should have excellent time management skills. With such elements combines, you will be able to plan and produce an outstanding essay of winning standards. Keep in mind that your essay should be 100% original and free of plagiarism. Your essay will be instantly rejected if detected of plagiarism. This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers