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How to Write an Effective 1000 Word Essay?
How to Write an Effective 1000 Word Essay?
The regular tips for writing easy and effective 1000 word essay

1000 word essay is one of favorite writing assignment chosen by lecturer for their students in order to assess the understanding on certain issues. The question selected mostly would be related to ‘in class’ topic or anything else related to the subject taken. In order to accomplish the task given, there are varieties of essay types to choose from. The most commonly used is narrative essay, as the hassle in thinking of its plot is much easier compared to other types. Though, other forms of essay also highly favored such as, persuasive, informative, opinion, description and more, depending on the questions or topics given. The question usually comes in several forms such as an issue, situation, concept and problems, or straightly in rigid sentence. The former usually requires own title to be generated, which allow for opportunity to create unique first impression for the reader.

Writing 1000 word essay could be really hard for some of us, if the main point or message to be conveyed can not be figured out. In order to solve this, a technique called brainstorming is highly suggested and sometimes could generate greater ideas to be put into. This process can be aided by outlining or sketching the plan or plot of the essay prior to start writing. The next step should be joining the points into words and sentences that coherent to each other, with easily understood flow of the ideas. By the end of this stage, what you get should not be considered as an essay yet. It is called a draft which requires more revision in terms of essay structure, grammar mistakes, any words misspelling and other errors that could affect the quality of your work.

When writing any essays, whether it is a 1000 word essay or any other kinds, an important note to take is the element of originality. It is very well known and highly alerted by all true writers that using others ideas or words without attributing them is a serious crime and would be charged as committing plagiarism! In order to avoid this, there are several methods available to include others work in yours. One of them is through reference and citation, which are by listing the sources of the works and placing the author’s name at the end and within the essay, respectively. Also, performing this procedure need to follow certain guidelines and formats in accordance to the type of essay itself and the instruction given by the examiner. There are varieties of citation and reference formats available such as:

• Modern Language Association (MLA) format
Used in essays related to literature and arts.

• American Psychological Association (APA) citation format
Used in research papers, theses and essays related to social sciences.

• Harvard citation format

• Turabian citation format

• Chicago citation format

The way on how these formats can be applied in your essay can be understood by researching some essay example that used the related format.

1000 word essay example is different compared to 500 word essay example obviously in terms of the number of words required. However, the latter may require less complicated type of essay to be used instead of lengthy narration kind of plot. 500 word essay example could make use of argumentative style of writing instead of narrative. Well, there are also other types of essay that could be used, depending on the issues or topics to write on.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers