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Art and Science of Writing a Well Illustrated Illustration Essay
Art and Science of Writing a Well Illustrated Illustration Essay
The Use of Proper Examples Should Be Predominant In an Illustration Essay

When asked to illustrate your point when writing an essay you will need to explain it in clear and vivid manner with examples. If you are to illustrate a story in a book, you will do so by the use of colourful pictures. The same principle is applied to writing an illustration essay. However, when writing an essay, you will do so by the use of examples and not with pictures. Make sure that the examples you use are appealing in order to catch the readerís attention and relevant to the point being illustrated.

Writing Method
An essay of this type is very similar to a narrative essay although essays of narrative form do not need as many examples. Any good essay starts with a good topic, select an interesting topic with ample examples. Decide whether you are going to write a short or extended essay based on word count instructions. Plan and outline your essay and plan the appropriate essay structure. It should have an essay introduction, a body and a conclusion. Do not move on to writing phase before you attend to these important aspects.

Researching for Material
As with any essay type such as cause and effect essay or comparative essay, your essay will need a significant amount of researching to locate appropriate examples. Select a wide variety of research options as this will give you an in-depth analysis into the subject. Do not limit yourself to only the internet but try going to the library, reading a few journals or even interviewing some people to get your information.

Few Essay Tips:
Following are few useful essay tips that can be incorporated in to your writing process to enhance your illustration skills.

1. Your essay should have a strong point or a central theme. Any examples you use must support this point strongly and illustrate it further.
2. Avoid the use of too many examples. Keep it to a minimum number of three or four examples which are clear and highly convincing.
3. Give priority to specific examples over hypothetical ones. This makes the reading more interesting and convincing.
4. The examples you use should be of the correct length. By this it means that you should not add any material which is irrelevant to the topic.

Once you have successfully written your illustration essay, make sure to edit and proofread for a professional finish. Think of yourself as the reader and not the essay writer when you are giving your essay the final read. Ask yourself, whether the topic is interesting, whether the examples are relevant and the point being illustrated is clear and well supported. Be honest and then you will get a good insight in to how your reader will rate your essay. Seek help from customessays.com if you find writing essays a tedious task and can not find the time in your busy schedule.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers