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Personal Essay Prompt Examples That can give you a Head Start
Personal Essay Prompt Examples That can give you a Head Start
Consider the Most Interesting Topics when you are provided with Personal Essay Prompts for Essay Writing

Writing Personal essays can be one of the lighthearted writing assignments since it is written on personal topics and does not necessitate any researching from other sources and backing up with evidence etc. It will also lack the need for essay reference. This type of essays will be rated on the creativity, presentation, logical development of the essay and how well the essay is written in terms of word usage, eloquent prose development. In most instances, there will be a list of personal essay prompts provided and the student will need to select a one which seems most appealing and also easy to write.

There can be a variety of essay prompts for personal essay writing. Usually these essays are written in narrative essay form. Here are some interesting essay topics which you may come across as essay prompts for your personal essay writing assignments:

1. The most heroic deed you have done
2. The best gift you have ever received
3. The most memorable event in your life
4. The most influential person in you life and how he or she has alerted your values
5. My best friend
6. How a loss of a loved one has influenced you
7. The day you achieved a dream that you have always worked hard at
8. An act of kindness that someone did to you or you observed and the impact it had on your mind
9. A gruesome event that you will never want to have repeated.
10. The most embarrassing moment in your life
11. The best career that you would like to enter
12. What would you do if you win a million dollars
13. An action which you did which you most regret
14. An personal trauma or an illness or accident you had to undergone and recovered
15. How would you live through a devastating natural catastrophe

As you can see these essay prompts are varied and address different aspects, view points and perspectives of life. By being candid and truthful, you can make your essay sincere and touching to the reader. There are no hard and fast rules on what is writing and what is not. You may have acted heroically in the face of a catastrophe or may be you broke down as a normal human being. What is needed is that your writing be able to reach across the paper and convey what you felt at that point of time. So, donít hesitate to choose a less glamorous essay topic such as an embarrassing moment. Such topics can carry the added advantage of allowing you to add a touch of humor and satire in to the essay, making it pleasant reading material.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers