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Noelle-Neumann test
Noelle-Neumann test
The existence of a main motive of the spiral of silence as fear of isolation was the direct evidence in the course of Noelle-Neumann test of the risk of isolation. 2,000 respondents had to answer some questions, the meaning of which boiled down to:

Identify personal opinions surveyed on smoking in the presence of non-smokers.

Estimates the opinion of majority. Does the majority of the population of Germany, which smokers in the presence of non-smokers, should stop smoking or they can safely smoke? (a common result: 31% of respondents believe that the majority was in favor of giving up smoking, 28% believe that the majority - for smoking in the presence of non-smokers, 31% indicate that the opinions were equally divided, 10% find it difficult to answer).

Tests on the willingness to speak or remain silent: Suppose you have to go to the five o'clock train, and someone in a Coupe says: in the presence of non-smokers should stop smoking completely. Would you support a conversation with that person or would give him any importance? In every other interview companion attributed to the words: You cannot ask anyone to completely stop smoking if a number of non-smoker.

Figuring out whether the respondent smokes.

Fear of the individual to isolation and need to be accepted by society also called upon to perform a certain function of systematizing, consolidating the existing order and accepted in this society, the higher values by the direct impact on individuals through the approval or disapproval of their views and behaviors. The public as condemning the court compels people to conformity, using precisely the fear of individuals before the isolation, with different societies will differ in the degree of fear of their members before isolation.

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