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Writing good articles - Article submission tips and writing
It is no secret that a good way to gain publicity and visitors for your website is to submit articles on quality sites. At the same time I strongly believe that submitting your articles on sites which share the same niche (or category) as yours is a better way to indicate search engines about the category of your article. For example it does not make a lot of sense to publish an article of travel or tourism on a finance website or a technology blog. The visitors of a travel website are likely to be in a mindset of vacation ideas, hotels, airline deals, events and travel attractions. Now if a visitor comes across your article on a travel site, it not only provides a reference link back to your website but most important the person is actually interested in that niche. We will briefly put together a few points which one should consider while submitting their articles. We have selected travel niche as an example for these article writing tips. 1. Basic strategy of writing articles: Your article should be written in simple English and easily understandable my most users. It does not need to be too long but usually recommended no little than 300 words, preferably more around 500 words. Clearly state what the travel article is about, use short paragraphs and bullet points. Always provide true facts, good or bad. Consider using use numbers and figures in the text in your articles wherever applicable. 2. Title: Always use good attention-grabbing titles which not only contain your main keywords, but also give the brief idea to the users that what your travel article is about. 3. Keyword density: Well if your article is about New York tourism then we recommended that you should have it in your title and multiple times in the body of your article. There are several free tools available on the internet to evaluate your article's keyword density. 4. Link to your site: If you have a website, then you should certainly provide a link back to your site, if this article is about a section inside your site then consider giving the inner link over your homepage. 5. Bookmark your article with Sites: Once submit travel article and it is published you should consider it book marking using Delicious, Reddit, Digg and Stumble upon. Since these are social bookmark sites, this will also deliver significant traffic to your website. Similarly subscribing to the RSS feed using sites like bloglines and netvibes has similar advantages. 6. Write often: People and search engines are always looking for new articles. You will not only have more links pointing back to your site but also real organic traffic.